The Casualty department at RIMS provides round the clock emergency services. This department is monitored by experienced team of surgeons and nursing staffs from different fields and is equipped with overall necessary infrastructure facilities. This department is specialized in providing early trauma services during medical adversities or accidents, such as: heart attack, fatal accident due to fire or road accident, etc.


Some important features of the Casualty department are: 

  • Facilities such as wheelchair, trolley, etc. are available at the entrance gate
  • Senior and Junior resident doctors from different departments, such as pediatrics, OBG, etc. are always available
  • Department is supported by a team from pathology and nursing staffs
  • The department is well-equipped with all the necessary modern medical equipment, such as ventilator, defibrillators, monitor, etc.
  • If doctor advises any specific medical intervention/problem, then patient is required to register themselves in the emergency department
  • Hospital will not ask for immediate fees payment (however, it may differ from situation to situation)

Note: If any major/minor surgery is advised, patient’s relative or friend needs to read out all the documents carefully. During medico-legal cases, the hospital management always abides with law of the land and accordingly informs the police.


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