Cultural Committee

Recreational activities in form of music, theater and other cultural activities play a pivotal role in the development of students. At RIMS, we have different music, theater and cultural clubs. Students are encouraged to associate themselves with any of these clubs according to their interests.

Drama Society

Students who are interested in acting and drama can enroll themselves with the Drama Society.

Musical Group

Students having interests in singing or playing different musical instruments can register themselves with the Musical Group.

Debate Group

The Debate Group is responsible for organizing debate competitions during cultural festivals and other occasions.

Sport Teams

Sports play a crucial role in holistic development of a student. In fact, at RIMS, sports form one of the most important aspects for enhancing concentration level and sportsman spirit in students. At RIMS, we have wide range of sports facilities manned by experienced trainers.

Key Features

  • Volleyball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Cricket and Football Ground
  • Gymnasium


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