MCI Compliance Report as mandated by Oversight Committee

S.No. MCI non-compliance list Status of Compliance Reference Link
1 Deficiency of faculty is 73.84% as detailed in the report No Deficiency
2 Shortage of Residents is 67.39% as detailed in the report, the list of residents on night duty was
provided to assessors after 11.30 am i.e. ( after completion of signature during attendence)
No Deficiency
3 a) At 9:45 a.m., OPD was closed. At 10.30 am, total number of patients in OPD was only 04. No Deficiency
4 Bed Occupancy is 17% on day of Assessment No Deficiency
5 There was NIL Major Operations & 1 Minor Operation on day of Assessment No Deficiency
6 There was NIL Normal Deliveries & NIL Caesarean section on day of assessment No Deficiency
7 There was NIL Histopathological & Cytopathological workload till 12 noon on day of assessment No Deficiency
8 Workload of Radiological & laboratory investigations on day of assessment was poor No Deficiency
9 ICUS:There was only 1 patient in MICU & NIL in SICU, PICU , NICU on day of assessment. There is no Ventilator in NICU No Deficiency
10 ETO Sterilizer is not available No Deficiency No Deficiency
11 OPD: Specialty clinic rooms in paediatrics OPD were locked at time of assessment No Deficiency No Deficiency
12 Blood bank license is issued in the name of a person who has left the institute on 28/3/2014 No Deficiency No Deficiency
13 Ophthalmology patients were kept in female General Medicine and Post operative Hernioplasty
patients were kept in male General Medicine ward
No Deficiency No Deficiency
14 Wards: Demonstration rooms are smaller than required. Deficiency partially rectified No Deficiency No Deficiency
15 Resident Hostel is yet to be completed. Presently they are staying in student hostel No Deficiency No Deficiency
16 Nurses hostel is partially furnished No Deficiency No Deficiency
17 Anatomy Department: Specimen are less and Cadavers are not available No Deficiency No Deficiency

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